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To maintain the clean water quality in compliance with the regulation from the Minister of Health RI No.416/MENKES/PER/IX/1990, PT Krakatau TirtaIndustri has built a laboratory for the following functions:

    • Monitoring the quality of raw water, processing water and clean water,
    • Conducting tests/research on operating supplies,
    • Industries and public clean water analysis facility.

The first stage of development KTI potentially provide clean water for the Cilegon until 4500 I/s, this will be archieved through some stages of development.

In 2012 s/d 2013 KTI implement Capacity Improvement Project consisting of :

    • Increased distribution capacity, with the addition of Pump House VI.
    • PT KS wastewater, with the construction of WWTP 150 I/s with membrance technology.